Sara Coleman Artist statement – Hite

Artist Statement: I work in the quiet and contemplative space of my home to capture ephemeral light, which is present for a certain amount of time and then is gone. My goal, in part, is to immerse myself in the act of looking and to reconsider (even my own) expectations of perspective. I want to make my viewers aware of their own interest in looking, instead of losing their attention to thoughts about what it is that they are looking at. I am surrounded by light in my home. Light moves through every room of the house throughout the day and night. I move away from photographic narratives and consider perspective both physically and metaphorically. I engage the notion of photographic environment rather than photographic subject. The grid format of my home’s tiled floor provides a way for me to invite viewers to examine each segment of my composition for detail. In this way, even grains of dirt have the potential to hold visual significance. I would like for my audience to consider their personal gaze by looking at my work from an experiential distance as well from a more logical and detailed point of view.

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