Shop the Hop – Buy Once Give Twice when you shop local

Shop the Hop – support local business and local art this Holiday Season when you buy once and give twice.

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Giving comes in all shapes and sizes and one of the best ways you can give this year is to give your support to a local artist by supporting what they do. Buy art and locally made products for all of your gifts this holiday season.

This year you have the opportunity to give twice with every purchase you make. This holiday season when you start your holiday shopping consider purchasing art, gifts or locally made and sold items. When you buy local you are not only giving a one of a kind unique gift to your family and friends you are also giving the gift of support to your local artist community. Every purchase is a gift to both the person you give your gift to but also who you give your money too.

Spending your holiday shopping budget on local artists, crafts persons and small local business is not only good for the local economy but good for the individuals you support directly. It may not seem like much but when you purchase a gift from a local artist or maker, but it makes a world of difference to the creator who can keep on creating.

Follow First Friday Hop this holiday season to shop local artists selling art and body products of all kinds from ceramics, paintings, drawings are and sculptures to candles, creams and yummy treats too.

Are you a local artist that would like to feature your work with us? Just send a photo and a your information to contact @ First Friday Hop .com  and we would be happy to feature your work or products on our pages!

Happy Holidays!

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