“Silver Cord Sisters : Postcards From The Astral Plane” new works by Anessa Arehart at CRAFT(s) Gallery & Mercantile 

Exhibition Opening 

“Silver Cord Sisters: Postcards From The Astral Plane” new works by Anessa Arehart

December 7th through December 31st, 2018

Opening reception with the artist; Friday, December 7th from 6-10pm

“Silver Cord Sisters, is a slight detour of my frequent Nature Goddesses paintings. Although the subject matter is similar, the contemplation behind them stems from a different source of interest.”

The Nature Goddesses came about as I was spending a lot of time wandering around in the woods, being quiet, meditating and recovering from injuries from an auto accident over the past few years. My physical injuries have healed a lot over time, but I still find myself dealing with one very unusual and mysterious ongoing daily issue.
 This is where the ideas for “Silver cord Sisters: Postcards from the Astral Plane” came from.
 I don’t recall many details of the accident that day, but can recall with 100% clarity a sensation of having my soul knocked out of me during the crash.
 It flew out of my stomach as if it were an actual solid object and snapped back with great force like it was attached to me with a gigantic invisible rubber band. It was a very specific feeling. I’m grateful it returned to me, but unfortunately, I’m certain it snapped back crooked. There it has remained for 5 years, slightly askew. The result is feeling as if I have at least one toe in another dimension at all times. Attempting to solve this dilemma I’ve met various healers and doctors and sought out people that have had similar experiences. My research and their stories continually point me to the same fascinating and comforting conclusion.

Throughout history, across many cultures and thousands of years, there has been a common belief that each person has an etheric or astral body attached to their physical body by “the silver cord of life.” The terms vary by religion and location, but the premise is the same throughout. If the cord is severed or stretched beyond its limit the physical body dies and the etheric body is released to a neighboring 4th dimension located the astral realm, which I suspect is the dimension I got briefly knocked into. (Yes, really.)
Interestingly, some people make a practice of sending their etheric body doubles purposefully to this neighboring dimension, while remaining anchored by their silver cords, to experience various vibrational entities as well as other living persons that are also inter-dimensionally traveling on the same frequency.

Much to my delight, angels, fairies, and nature spirits are reported to live in the middle realm of the 4th dimension. The very subjects I have been painting since my accident! Did my glimpse into this other world jog my celestial memory? Are the two related at all? Honestly, I haven’t a clue but I’ve been giving it lots of thought and greatly entertaining myself as I painted this new series. Body doubles, shimmering silver cords, existing in two places at once, meeting folks on the astral plane, fairies.

What fantastic food for thought! Does any of this matter and will it solve my issue? Probably not. But at the very least, I now have a frame of reference for my unusual experience, I know where fairies live, and I can rest easy knowing my wonky soul sensation is simply my etheric body double trucking along with a rock in its shoe. Or something like that. Hope you enjoy the paintings! ” -Anessa Arehart

“Powder Room Nymphs”

36″ round

 Acrylic Paint on Wood Panel

“Soul Sisters”


Acrylic Paint on Wood Panel

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