Stag + Doe join the First Friday Hop

Stag + Doe Join the Republic Bank First Friday Hop!
If you haven’t been to Stag + Doe get down there! Nestled in the heart of Butchertown, or as it is locally known, the Butcherblock, Stag + Doe is an oasis of retail and design. The boutique is run like a gallery. Each item arranged to perfection, paired and placed with the expertise of an artist but the prices are straight-out-of-Target. From art decor lamps to modern furnishings each item is curated for quality, style and price by the genius interior designers Julie Meehan and Jeff McAfee who also happen to be there on site to help you with whatever interior design concept you are getting ready to tackle. The space is petite but the aesthetic and value are huge, filling a much needed niche in the Butchertown area.

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