The Petals of Abundance Art Exhibition  by Congrar Artista Creativa by Constanza Granados Rueda at Wayside Expressions Gallery

The Petals of Abundance Art Exhibition

Wayside Expressions Gallery

120 W Market St. –
Please join artist Constanza Ruedas Grabados in her Art Exhibition “The Petals of Abundance”.
Artist’s Statement
The Petals of Abundance
by Constanza Granados Rueda
This artistic work has been realized from the heart and depths of my soul. Each word, each feeling, each tiny moment that has touched my life has been transformed by the joining of brush, paint, canvas, and collection of colors, of universal sounds captured between my hands. Life is a great master to learn from and listen to as it carries you along the path of the seeker. The realization of each of my works carries the name “The Petals of Abundance.” Each one of them captures all the abundance of love, the weeping, the melancholy, the fury, the pain and sadness that are too much to be contained entirely in my soul.
I am a fountain of living water, and although on occasion the desert pursues me, that living water is always there between the windows of my eyes, never dying; the satisfaction of achieving the impossible comes from living in this manner from my sideral world. To my children I give my deepest gratitude for their love and tenderness, the greatest inspiration for my work.
Objectives of the Work
To awaken in the observer each of the sensory modalities.
To provoke in the silent reader inexplicable emotions.
To provoke life in them.
Remove the materials from the works of art,
and you will never have the artist.

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