Tim Crowder: Hey, Happy Way Back Down Home! at Garner Narrative

Tim Crowder

Hey, Happy Way Back Down Home!

August 4 – September 29

Opening First Friday August 41 – 9 p.m.

I started working on another show for another gallery. I wanted it to be less personal than some shows I’ve had. I wanted it to be a conversation about art, but every few pieces something would pop out that didn’t fit. It was personal. But I liked them, so I would set them aside and continue on.

After awhile I started seeing connections between these set aside pieces and some earlier work. It was like my subconscious wanted to do a different show than I was consciously working on… When I realized that I got pretty excited and put aside the other show and started letting my subconscious and consciousness work together.

I think it’s about growing up in the south and how it influences my thoughts and life.

Crowder lives and works in Memphis, TN. This is his third solo with garner narrative.

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Tim Crowder "Rug Designs (Bunny)"
Tim Crowder install "Bunny" "Kids"

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