Trash Princess at Revelry Boutique Gallery

Revelry Boutique Gallery welcomes local artist Kelly Zellers for a unique collection of shadowbox sculptures in her first Revelry exhibit ‘Trash Princess’. There will be no opening reception but viewers can enjoy the exhibition from Friday, June 26th, through Monday, August 3rd.
This collection stems from Kelly’s experimentation to make large-scale installations more accessible and permanent. Kelly assembles her small sculptures out of fabric, plastic, and found objects; some of them beautiful, others utilitarian or destined for the trash.
She ignores their intended purpose and instead looks only at their color, shape, and potential, as well as the way they would work alongside other materials. Once these diminutive sculptures are sealed inside a frame, they change completely. Pressed against the glass and confined to a space, they take on a whole new shape and meaning – still just as colorful, unexpected, and fun; but different.
Kelly Zellers is a Louisville-based mixed media artist and painter. After studying fine arts at Indiana University Southeast, she worked as a floral designer while continuing to develop her style as an abstract painter. Her spontaneous and intuitive way of working has influenced the transition to working with fabric, light, and found objects.
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