Where to find the best street musicians and performers in Louisville

Busking has long been a way for musicians to gain performance experience and garner a following. Street musicians have become a tourist attraction in their own right.

Here are a few tips for being a good fan of local and traveling performers.

Find amazing street performers near you, in real time using follow #louisvillebusk #louisvilleartscene and #louisvillemusic

Buskers take credit just ask! Tip buskers with secure, one-click cashless payments via Facebook, Square up or Apple pay.

Become a “Fan” and follow your favorites online. Everyone had a social handle. Show some love online.

Buy music straight to your phone, or better yet subscribe on Spotify or other platforms.– Donate to the Louisville Busking Association. All Donations go directly to the busking community to support the artist in their creative pursuits.

Hire a Busker. They engage audiences instantly! Buskers are sometimes just working for fun but many are full-time freelancers. Don’t hesitate to ask, nicely.

Connect to the worldwide busker community! It’s an amazing art form. You won’t be disappointed.

Want to be a Downtown Louisville Street performer or busk in Downtown Louisville?

There are no requirements to perform in Downtown Louisville, but you can join the Louisville Busking Association here: https://firstfridayhop.com/louisville-busking-association/

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