Exploring Organic Form at Pyro Gallery

Exploring Organic Form

Show Dates: Oct. 23rd –  Nov. 28th

Gallery Hours  Fridays 3-6pm and Saturdays 12-3pm

John McCarthy is a ceramic sculptor, art educator, and community arts leader. McCarthy’s one-of-a-kind sculptural compositions are hand-built and highly manipulated to create shapes inspired by nature.
McCarthy has invited his PYRO Colleagues to join him in considering the wonders of the natural world in a limitless exploration of organic form.  They decided that this broad theme would allow them the freedom to document, simplify, abstract and invent new ideas in textile, painting, charcoal, photography, pastels and sculpture, in both realistic and abstract styles.
In focusing closely on subtle details of leaves, trees, animals, bark, nuts, and seed pods, fascinating abstract shapes, colors, and textures are revealed, beyond the objects themselves as usually seen in our day-to-day lives.

Open Fridays 3-6 and Saturdays 12-3pm
1006 E. Washington Street, Louisville, KY 40206
For appointments:
pyro.gallery@gmail.com       pyrogallery.com
We ask all visitors to wear masks and social distance.
We have plenty of room to keep visitors safe including 5 galleries, an outside art garden and an adjoining boutique.

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